About “The Rules” and The List

When I first got the idea of doing 30 new things before my 30th birthday, I naturally considered it my brilliant brainchild. Of course, when I thought more about the idea, it was self-evident that I can’t have been the first to come up with such a thought, especially with all the fuss related to these “milestone” birthdays when one turns into a new decade.

I bumped into this “others have thought of this before” more concretely when I tried to register an address for my blog. All the good, short and catchy ones – meaning all that I had managed to come up with – were already taken!

The bad thing about that was that I had to come up with a new idea for an address that would fulfil even some of the above criteria, and not be bad, long and forgettable (how about: ablogabout30thingsIwanttodobeforeIturn30.wordpress.com, nice and practical, eh?).

The good thing about discovering all these blog addresses were already taken was that I discovered the blogs – and the different ways how people have approached the same basic idea of doing 30 something before they turn 30.

Some have attempted 30 new things during the last 30 hours before they turn 30. Others have started well ahead and had several years for accomplishing their 30 things, for instance visiting 30 countries. I’m sure there are several other variations; those are just the few that stuck on my mind.

And these blogs served not only as inspiration, but also to show that at least based on my research (which, admittedly, was not very thorough) it would seem that the idea of doing 30 new things in a year before turning 30 hasn’t at least been blogged about in English. (If you happen to have written a blog about that, I’m sorry for the above statement – and please send me the link to your blog!)

Discovering in what ways others have gone about such projects also gave me the possibility of seeing how they’ve written about it, and thus gave me the chance of choosing differently. In other words, they helped me form “The Rules” for this project.

A fan made Fight Club movie poster

Unlike the Fight Club, this project can be talked about.
(Photo source: fanmadeposters.com)

For instance, I decided against making, let alone revealing a set-in-stone list of 30 new things which are ”to do” during the upcoming year. I chose this because I don’t want to tie myself into doing particular, pre-defined 30 things. To rephrase the famous line from Rigoletto, la vita è mobile – life is changeable, and even though a plan may seem doable right now, situations may arise that would make going through with it impossible. I prefer to allow Life enough room for serendipity – who knows, maybe through some happy coincidence I’ll end up doing something new that would have never crossed my mind, if not for a random moment that gave me the idea for doing just that.

Moreover, I believe it is more fun to you as a reader to discover bit by bit what I end up doing, instead of being revealed The List right in the beginning and then simply observing if I can follow through. For me, the point is not about doing 30 particular things, it is about doing 30 new things, basically almost anything, merely on the precondition that they are things I’ve never done before.

Some bloggers – mostly those who have had years for their project – seem to have wanted to fulfil (at least some of) their dreams as part of their project. At this point I want to highlight that in my case The List is not a compilation of my dreams or long-term aims. It’s not a bucket list. I have never dreamt of singing at a karaoke bar even though I have never done it (oops, did I just give away one thing that’s on The List…).

Instead, The List contains things that

  • I may or may not have thought about for some time (“wouldn’t it be nice to try…”) but, prior to this project, never have had the interest/time/means/etc. to follow through. Consider yourself warned: you may want to prepare for some very down-to-earth, mundane stuff.
  • I can realistically accomplish during this year, taking into account the preconditions, such as my current state in life, available resources and other relevant variables. So don’t expect to read about a trip into space  (not sure if I’d even want to try that one!) in this blog.
  • I find personally relevant and worthwhile. I’m not attempting a “100 places to see before you die” kind of an approach, nor do I expect (all of) the things I end up doing to be relevant or appealing to (all of) the potential readers of this blog. Or be new to them, for that matter. What matters is that they, for one reason or another, matter and are new to me.

So, with these words as your (and my) guideline, I think we are all set for the adventures to begin!

Ps. In fact, writing a public blog in English (and a blog that someone might actually read) is also something I have never done before, but including that in The List would have been too easy – and also somewhat boring.


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