The List

This page contains will contain The List, i.e. the new things I have done, in the order I have done them. New items are added on The List whenever I have done something new. Yes, I know, that previous sentence is redundant, because self-evidently, and as per The Rules (read more here) I can’t add anything here unless I’ve done it, right? But I’ll keep the sentence anyway, for some extra clarity, you know, just in case.

The List is “in progress” until my 30th birthday, when this project ends.

To find out more about each item, click on the link to read the related blog post.

The List

01. Write a letter to a person you admire. Read more here. 

02. Rideshare with people you don’t know. Read more here.

03. Buy a last-minute holiday abroad. Read more here.

04. Go parasailing. Read more here.

05. Be in front row at a Nightwish concert. Read more here.

06. Dance to Gangnam Style at a bar. Read more here.

07. Tell a stranger how much you appreciate what they do. Read more here.

08. Have a hot stone massage. Read more here.

09. Spend a different kind of Christmas. Read more here.


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